Tauranga Crossing, our vision for the future


Located close to the popular destinations where those in the Bay of Plenty love to live, work and play, Tauranga Crossing is the newest regional shopping centre in the area, dedicated to servicing its community and those who pass through it.

A benchmark in local design, Tauranga Crossing has been created with the region’s celebrated climate and lifestyle in mind, with a true emphasis on making the most of the outdoors and all it has to offer.

Tauranga Crossing has been master-planned from the beginning to combine the open air appeal and sense of community that comes with an outdoor meeting place with the comfort, amenity and style of a fully enclosed shopping centre showcasing the best of local, national and international brands under one roof.

There are some exciting new developments coming up at Tauranga Crossing too, with more areas opening in stages two and three of the development to offer you even more options when it comes to eating, shopping and playing in the bay.

But for now, welcome - and please make yourself at home.


Opening hours

Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

Centre Manager

Jill McKenzie +64 7 777 0125