Pita Pit

Open until 6pm

Pita Pit are available for takeaways via online and Uber Eats from 10.30am – 7.30pm daily.

We love healthy, natural, fresh ingredients and funnily enough, so does your body. Because when it comes to the body, controlling what you put into it makes it a lot easier to control what you get out of it. So a fresh, healthy, tasty Pita Pit with exactly what you want, how you want it, is pretty much the best way in the world to do your body a favour.

At Pita Pit we make good food irresistible. Flavours that excite. Fresh, quality ingredients you can see. All handmade, exactly how you like it, every time. And not because it’s trendy, we’ve been doing it this way for twenty years right around the world.

Feeling hungry? Tired of cooking? Or just want one of your favourites? Here’s how you can order from Pita Pit.

You can take a look at their menu by clicking ‘view menu’ below.

We accept Tauranga Crossing Gift Cards

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Opening Hours

  • Monday 10am - 6pm
  • Tuesday 10am - 6pm
  • Wednesday 10am - 6pm
  • Thursday 10am - 8pm
  • Friday 10am - 6pm
  • Saturday 10am - 6pm
  • Sunday 10am - 6pm