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Mister Minit was established in 1957, launching with their first ‘Heel Bar’ in a Brussels department store in Belgium. The fashion of the day was stiletto heels that broke by the thousands on the cobblestone streets. Although the heel bar only repaired heels, it was such a curiosity at the time that hundreds of people would crowd around to watch the action. Policemen had to clear the people off the stairways above and as a result of the commotion caused, Mister Minit were nearly moved out of an excellent location.

Over half a century later, Mister Minit now fix over 11 million problems annually in the services of Shoe Repairs and Care, Key Cutting and Car Key Duplication, Garage Remotes, Engraving, Watch Repairs and Knife Sharpening.

The team is highly committed to fixing your problems through excellence in quality and customer service. Now open at Tauranga Crossing.

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